Skky, the new hotspot in town

Skky at Ramada Hotel, Powaii has the potential to take on many five star restaurants head on. Are the foodies listening?

* Open air restaurants are always a tricky choice. The lure of a pleasant ambience will draw you to the venue but the openness ends up eating into your privacy, making you vulnerable to fellow diners stares, forcing you to become conscious of your every move.
That is why, Skky, at Ramada Hotel, Powaii, Mumbai is a game changer in many ways. The restaurant is spread over 8,500 sq ft, and can easily seat hundreds of people at a go. But Skky makes sure that the space is used with care and tables are spread out only intermittently. Separating most tables are large water bodies, in stone structures. Standing around them proudly are neatly trimmed Frangipani plants and floating in the water itself are artificial lotus flowers. In between these blocks of water bodies are the dinner tables. If you seek absolute privacy, pick a slot where there is only one table.

Another positive about the restaurant is that the menu is on a tablet. Click on the desired dish and you will get a description, the price and even a picture of how it looks. How I wish more restaurants would have pictures of the dishes on the menu. It would make choosing what to have so much easier! The menu is also user-friendly so even the not-so-tech-savy bunch will find it easy to browse through.


Great ambience and a technologically sound menu pretty much set the mood for an appetizing meal. Honestly, I was half expecting the big disappointment to come in the form of the dishes itself. But as the food items were placed on the table, it became clear, that Skky intends to please.

A Pan-Asian menu, it has Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thailand and Malaysian dishes to select from. Pizzas and home-made ice creams are another specialty. I’m a sucker for desserts, so-much-so that at times I have the sweets first and then head for main course, if there’s place left in my tummy, that is.
So I’m gonna begin with rating the sweet dishes first. Ice cream fans will love the Basil and Green Tea ice creams! The restaurant was out of Paan flavoured ice cream, but given how minty and fresh these two tasted, I have no doubt that the Paan ice cream would have rocked as well. Next on my radar was the Bourbon Whiskey Chocolate Pate (Rs 300). A slab of the chocolate pate, bitter sweet in flavour, completely tantalized the taste buds. Usually one can never taste the alcohol in a dish that brags to have its traces, which is why I was pleasantly surprised to feel the bitterness of whiskey in the pate. Chocolate Shahi Zaike (Rs 325) is for those who like typically Indian sweet dish. This one is an assortment of dry fruits and gulab jamun in a bed of condensed milk.
On the starters front, I’d recommend the Ginseng Sweet Corn Soup (Rs 225), (I could feel the bitterness of the Ginseng plant, though ever so lightly), Wasabi prawns (Rs 1050 for four pieces) (again, the wasabi quoting was not overbearing, leaving a pleasant after taste) and Wok Fried Fragrant Chicken (Rs 600). Image

For Mains, the chef recommended Braised Greens with Shaoxing Wine and Gingko Nuts (Rs 500) (Chinese cabbage, shitake mushroom, asparagus were the main ingredients) and Rendang (Rs 600), a Malaysian Chicken Gravy dish. All the items were well-prepared leaving no room for complaints.
Verdict: Great ambience and food, a rare combination in itself!
Budget: Skky provides a five star ambience and food but the price points are not as high as five star restaurants. You can easily wrap up a meal for two in Rs 1500- Rs 2000.
Rating: 4/5
Address: Ramada, 16/17, Paspoli, Saki Vihar Road, Powai, Mumbai. Ph: 022 28585100, 022 67776000.
Menu Brief: * Soups * Salads * Main course * Rice/ Noodles * Dim Sum Bar * Tandoor * Teppanyaki * Suhi Bar * Sashimi Bar * Desserts * Pizza * Set Meals * Ice creams * Kids Menu

Broccoli and Almond Soup Recipe

This is an easy to prepare Broccoli and Almond Soup recipe. However, the preparation may take up a bit of your time. Don’t get worked up, the end result is worth the effort.

The following recipe is courtesy Chef Amit Chaudhary, CORNICHE restaurant in Bandra, Mumbai.

Broccoli florets

Broccoli and Almond Soup (Serves 1)


Broccoli Paste







White Pepper Powder 01 gms

Fresh Oregano

Almond Paste

Parmesan Cheese

To make 200 gms Broccoli paste:

Blanched Broccoli






To make 200 gms Almond paste :



140 gms

To make 200 ml Veloute:


Refined Flour (Maida) 30 gms

Vegetable Stock

To make 200 ml Vegetable Stock:






Black Pepper Corn



NOTE: Any other vegetables may be added as per the requirement.

Soak almonds in water overnight to soften them


1) To make the broccoli paste, blanch the broccoli and set aside. Now take butter in a pan, sauté the
onion and garlic till golden brown, add the broccoli, oregano and toss together. Now add the cream and
remove from the flame. Once it cools, make a fine paste.

2) Take the almonds and soak in water for about 30 minutes, remove from water and peel the skin. Now
take water in a pan and blanch the almonds till soft and finally make a paste by using cream to give it

3) To prepare the veloute, take butter in a pan and melt it. Once it melts, add the flour and cook. Avoid
cooking till it gets a colour.

4) On the side keep your vegetable stock ready by simmering all the ingredients in a pot till you get an
aroma and the stock is clear and without colour. Now add the cold stock to the warm butter and flour
mixture and blend well making sure that no lumps are formed.

5) Finally to prepare the soup, take the onion, garlic and celery chopped finely in a pan of melted butter
and cook till soft and tender. Now add the broccoli paste and oregano simmer it for some time then add
the almond paste to the mix. Add the veloute and cream and cook till the desired thickness is attained.

6) Finish it with salt and pepper for taste and serve in a soup bowl, garnish it with grated parmesan