The Dogg to tour Delhi and Pune… makes announcement in Mumbai


Popular American rapper Snoop Dogg is knows how to work up a crowd. He doesn’t wait to do that only during his concert but takes it upon himself to jazz up what would otherwise have been lackluster press announcements. In Mumbai, on Thursday, he told the media that he was definitely looking forward to see what India’s got in store for him as he tours Delhi and Pune for his concert this month. The Dogg humoured the audience as he announced, “I am excited to be performing in India with my first ever concert tour. India produces some bangin’ music and movies, and I have always wanted to visit and be a part of that, ya dig? I want my gigs to be the best party for my fans and I can’t wait to show the country some love! Get ready India, because here comes the King!” Even though the Dogg wore with his trademark straight face expression while making that statement, one couldn’t help but mentally picture him move his hands as if he were rapping, each time he spoke to the media. Well, like they say, you know the person is a star, when you tell the real from the make-believe persona… because they eventually unite to become one… and that, friends, is Snoop Dogg for ya’ll.


Concert details:

Amanora Park, Pune on 11th January, 2013

Leisure Valley, Huda Grounds, Gurgaon on 13th January 2013