Good reasons to buy this shopping trolley!

I’m a sucker for quirky things. Anything with an element of design makes it irresistible and I think that’s the case with most people these days. 

I don’t usually do these kind of posts, but I thought there will be people out there, just like me, wanting to know where to go to find something ‘different’ and ‘affordable’ at the same time. 
I found them at After a thorough search, I found this cute card holder. I’ve owned those boring leather card cases in the past, but this one truly made me happy. It makes me want to flip it open at every chance I get, to retrieve a card. 
One look at this cutesy card holder and you’ll know why. 🙂 
The second unique item I found on Pepperfry is this amazing shopping trolley. They have a wide variety but at Rs 1,550, this beauty on two wheels was like an answer to most of my little problems. 
A trip to the supermarket is not so difficult, because they have trolleys there, to lug around the veggies and other stuff. But I always found a trip to the grocery store close to home, to be quite painful. It’s too close to home, so you can’t drive down there and carrying heavy bags full of groceries all the way back home eventually causes the arms and shoulders to ache terribly! Haven’t we all experienced this? 
Which is why, this Obsessions L’amour Foldable Shopping Trolley is like a boon. Milk, veggies, toast, big bags of wheat, tender coconut water… all I’ve to do is dump them in this super-cute trolley and keep walking. 
And for those who have kids… I even use this trolley as a stroller at times. My kid loves to sit on it and even stand inside at times, while I entertain her by pushing the trolley and do some minor shopping alongside as well. Pure bliss!

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