Pant on Fire


My first impressions of stand up comedian Sorabh Pant were formed from his picture on a standee. He was to do a stand up act for Advent House who was promoting Drambuie’s (amazing liqueur made from malt whisky, honey, herbs and spices) entry in the Indian market. Sporting a wide grin, he was staring out of the standee with his donkey teeth literally jutting out of the frame. Franky, he looked every bit the eager-to-impress chu**ya comedian, who will not shy away from shoving his tasteless jokes down the throats of a bored audience. However, when Sorabh’s name was announced, the man who came up looked like a hybrid version of the picture on the standee. Well-built (a rare sight and relief from pot bellied stand up comedians) and good looking, he didn’t disappoint even when he opened his mouth. Since the crowd present was small and Indian, he stuck to desi jokes, taking jabs at people from various communities. North Indians, South Indians, Gujaratis, Marwadis, married couples, singles, Indian men and women in general… Sorabh highlighted the best and worst in them all, evoking a knowing laugh from the audience who instantly connected with his rants. But what struck me most about this funny man is that apart from the ability to tell a joke, he was a damn good actor. Mind you, not every person who is good at stand up proves to be a good actor. But this guy seemed to have it in him. He switched from doing a fantastic Barrack Obama imitation to dancing like a manic at an Indian wedding to gaining back his calm composure within seconds and effortlessly.
At the beginning of the act, Sorabh’s introduction stated that he was named as one of the top comedians to watch out for in India, by several publications. Twenty minutes into his act, I couldn’t agree more and if I may… Sorabh Pant… you could make a killing by joining the movies too. Not as a hero though. Don’t flatter yourself. 😀


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