Getting comfy with stretch marks: Chitrangada Singh gets REAL

A lesson for women with the dreaded stretch marks – actresses have them too!

So, it’s common knowledge by now that actress Malaika Arora Khan’s great figure (read:abs) is home to a baton of stretch marks she got when she was pregnant. She’s been a bit open about it and the fact that she didn’t get them surgically removed sends a positive message to scores of women who are constantly feeling let down by their bodies post pregnancy. Joining the league of women who chose to keep their pregnancy scars is actress Chitrangada Singh. She did one movie: Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi. She was lauded for her brilliant acting and great looks. It was widely reported that she was married, and that too, to a famous man from the sports world and just as the critics started to speculate if she was the next big thing on the movies scene, Chitrangada packed her bags and vanished. But she came back. And that too when she was at a phase of her life when most actresses prefer to hang up their boots. Please excuse the cliche, but you get the point — she was married, took a break to have a child, crossed 30 years of age and… AND… STRETCH MARKS! Yes. The one reason most heroines stop wearing revealing clothes and why women stop flirting! Chitrangada seems to have plenty of them on her well-toned abs. But that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream and winning a million hearts.

Moral of the story: Stretch marks are like creases on an excellent outfit. The outfit doesn’t really define you and the creases should definitely not stop you from flaunting it.



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